at Agate

Discover authenticity, conviviality and commitment at the heart of our guesthouse. At Agate, we offer much more than just accommodation. We invite you to immerse yourself in a unique experience, combining local flavors, hygge ambiance and the flexibility to meet your every need.

Agate Maison d’hôtes welcomes you for an extraordinary experience, where authenticity, conviviality and commitment are the order of the day.

Stay at Agate

Rent the space for a stay with family or friends. Our guest house has 2 bedrooms and a sofa bed, and can accommodate 6 people. Choice furnishings, personalized decor for a cocooning feel and optimum comfort.

Table d'hôtes

Our warm atmosphere invites you to enjoy convivial moments in our guesthouse.
Taste our dishes made with seasonal produce, carefully selected and cooked with passion and humility.

Events at Agate

Agate organizes several events a year, bringing together all kinds of local players to showcase their products, brands and services in a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Privatize your guest house

Agate Maison d’hôtes offers you a warm and inviting space for your private and professional events (for a getaway, team building, a team meeting, a shoot, a birthday or a party with friends and family).

We are mindful of our environmental footprint.

“There are no passengers on the ship Earth, we are all members of the crew “.

Reducing the temperature of thermostats to 20° C reduces CO2 emissions, and turning off auxiliary heaters in the bathroom, living room and bedrooms when no one is in the house.

Short-distance sourcing, local products, organic produce (for breakfasts and lunches) whenever possible.

Conserve electrical appliances, encourage deposits and sort organic, plastic and paper waste.

Pay attention to indoor and outdoor lighting when it’s not needed, and opt for subdued lighting and candles (in complete safety).

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Our wellness area at Agate Maison d’hôtes!

Where the word “Hygge” comes into its own.